How can a Digital Marketing Agency help a small business grow?

How can a Digital Marketing Agency Help a Small Business Grow?


Digital marketing is a broad category of service where promotional campaigns are executed in a variety of mediums that are published or broadcasted through digital platforms. Each business is unique in its own style and a good digital marketing company has to determine the optimum marketing mix for a particular business.


Creating and implementing an effective digital marketing strategy for a start-up or a small business unit can be tedious. In addition to this, the person responsible should collate, measure, analyze and act on data extracted from various platforms. Small and medium businesses operate on a limited scale and have innumerable tasks to be managed on a daily basis. A dedicated marketing team is quite impossible to afford or operate at this stage.


A digital marketing agency can dramatically expand leads and generate good returns in small businesses.   The agency can generate traffic to your website and convert them to leads through a wide spectrum of services like SEO, ASO, PPC, SEM, SMM, SMO and web marketing under one roof to improve the online presence of your business.


Expense vs investment?

Creating an effective digital marketing strategy involves managing various solutions and platforms with a tailored plan and a focused database management that ultimately leads to an increase in brand promotion and visibility. Hiring a Digital marketing agency is not just another expense; on the contrary it is a solid investment than hiring a dedicated team to manage marketing and promotions.


Difference brought out by a dedicated digital marketing agency:

Campaign management

A professional digital marketing agency can devise an effective campaign management system to identify target markets, to explore how to effectively utilize resources and to delve into additional platforms to give the best results. A promotional campaign defines buyer personas to identify suitable platform for maximum ROI. The agency integrates the multiple platforms and software to create a dynamic strategy that works across all media between all departments.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Digital marketing optimizes content so as to rank the business highly on search engine results. We at Zeetaas go a step further and create quality and relevant content for you. We also update customer websites and all of their online content and make it keyword-rich along with high SEO visibility and customer engagement.


Social Media Expertise

Zeetaas promotes online content through targeted social media posts and ensure the content enjoys an exponential growth as it is shared. According to recent survey more than 70% of consumers are likely to make a purchasing decision based on social media referrals. Leveraging the receptive audience on social media can be done only by reaching out to them through proper channels. An agency promotes all your channels, products and services with the help of targeted ads that reach prospective clients.


Integrated Marketing Approach

All the web contents of a particular client have to be integrated to connect content painlessly so that blogs and web pages lead directly to data-capturing pages. Zeetaas’s integrated marketing approach ensures

  1. Coherence – to check if every communication type is connected
  2. Consistency – to check if each communication supports the other and
  3. Continuity –  so that repeating key phrases connect each post to a campaign.


Target Marketing Techniques

With digital marketing, we can drill down and precisely locate a particular client’s target demographics. For example: With Facebook ads you can target people who have specific interests, income levels, gender and even job titles!


Automated marketing

With retainer client concepts, digital marketing is becoming a huge phenomena for business  of all sizes because it allows an automated system to be created.


Web Design

A web page is an important landmark in brand building exercise; hence it has to be designed in such a way that the site communicates on behalf of the business. An exclusive website with latest trends, digital advancements and customization that attract customers is the primary step in digital marketing.

Online Marketing for business1


Let’s analyze the advantages of a digital marketing agency:


In digital marketing everything can be precisely measured. There are many social media and analytics tools to accurately measure a campaign. In case one strategy does not work, you can save money by pivoting to another strategy quickly and efficiently.


A whole team at your disposal

Investing in a digital marketing company can fetch good results rather than hiring and managing a team internally. You no longer have to worry about hiring staff and train them to manage social media, write blogs, make website updates, or handle email and Google AdWords campaigns. A good digital marketing agency will have expertise for every area and the right technology to do everything from website building to creating mobile applications based on your ideas.


Digital marketing works quickly

With online power, results are much faster. Faster leads generate more sales. When a digital marketing company is hired, time spent on teaching a team of new hires or managing their progress is saved.


Gains more attention

Search engines help us take informed buying decisions than any traditional marketing platform. We have experienced push advertisements and we have always shunned ourselves from reading / watching them. Digital marketing fits more naturally into our lifestyle. Examples:  SEO rankings help with website visibility, social media helps in relationship building with potential customers, email marketing generates leads.


Cost effective

Online marketing provides cost effective platforms that can save marketing budgets and if utilized wisely, it can offer the best results in a short span. For this purpose, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest, give you much flexibility to promote business and brands.


Brand recognition and customer loyalty

A successful digital campaign can pave way for good brand recognition and recall. This elevates the brand value and builds reputation for business. With these factors, customer engagement will be satisfactory which in turn will reward the business with conversions and customer loyalty. With satisfied customers who get personalized serviced, there are plenty of opportunities for cross-selling.


Increases Visibility

Digital marketing service expands your reach and helps business remain in touch with customers anywhere, anytime, improving company’s visibility online. Quality blog posts about products and services can bring a connect with the end users. A devoted website for the business can better show off your products and services. Company pages on social networking sites, like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter can target a millions of users that could become your potential customers.

Online Marketing for business


Digital marketing provides SEO, SEM, SMM & optimization services that create a steady flow of targeted traffic to websites continuously, allowing business to convert leads with minimum effort. This in turn will help with good return on investments.


Professional setup

One thing to be sure of when selecting an agency, is the advantage of working with distinct professionals in the industry. An agency is likely to provide better output that gives best results in quick time and affordable cost.



Zeetaas is more than just a digital marketing firm. We have experience in developing effective marketing campaigns for clients so they can achieve their goals. We have a good experience working with small businesses, and would love the opportunity to show you what we can do for you. To learn more about our digital marketing services, contact us today.