Facebook Marketing


Facebook reportedly has over 2.1 billion active users across the globe and fresh active members are added to this colossal group everyday making it a social media giant. Studies have shown that an average 65% of Facebook users logon to their accounts on a daily basis. Hence the primary advantage of Facebook as a social media platform is its phenomenal reach.There are numerous other advantages like targeting of segments, activity monitoring, viral marketing, constantly upgraded features and capabilities, etc., Facebook drives organic traffic to your business page and registers a solid media presence in search engines.

Facebook marketing will have to be actively tuned to effectively make use of more than 1 billion daily active users to grow business through Facebook. Presenting a few pointers on effective facebook marketing


Promoting the Best Content

Analyzing Facebook posts on a regular basis will give an idea on contents that are resonating with audience in terms of page views, shares, comments, and other engagement metrics. This information helps in deciding on the allocation of budget on your best content so that it gains maximum exposure.


Story format

Posting ads in the form of stories works big time with all audience. People love stories! Stories are personable and relatable which connects them to the brand on a personal level. Pharma and Matrimony are some business types where stories have a huge impact on the audience and can create conversions.

Facebook Marketing to grow business



The right time to post in Facebook differs according to demographics and business type. However choosing the right time for maximum audience is a trial and error method and Facebook marketers will have to arrive at optimum timing by conducting several experiments. Sometimes posting at the busiest times of the day will make the post too competitive to compete for visibility and reach in the news feed. Posting in non-peak hours during such circumstances can bring in more reach.


Posting frequency

Posting a lot will earn tremendous response from fans. Posting regularly will gain massive engagement from audience. Posting should be consistent, posting something actively and then disappearing for sometime is bad form. This will affect your reach and engagement when you come back in the future. So regardless of posting frequency, one should be consistent while posting.


Being in trend

The news feed algorithm will give importance to post relating to trending topics on Facebook. Posts on trending topics can be utilized to interact with and engage the audience. It can be fun and rewarding to stay in touch with the audience by way of opinion polls / quiz / Q&A sessions / audio live sessions / video live sessions on various engaging current topics. Staying in trend and a healthy connection with the audience will serve as a huge boost to the brand image and will attract a lot more customers to your facebook page and to your business.

Segmentation of customer base

The super-specific level of targeted ads is the key feature in facebook that dedicates the publisher’s dedicated time and resources entirely to the relevant customer base. This appropriate customer base will identify buyer personas so that the agencies / business can specifically target people interested in particular product / offerings. Choosing segments that are congruent to your business is critical and segmentation can be done on a micro level.

Facebook Marketing for business


Direct attention grabbing

Focussing viewers’ attention to the most important part of your Facebook ad will gain immediate direct attention from the viewers. Showing an image with a person looking at or pointing to text will garner maximum attention for any call-to-action on the text.


Targeting potential leads and existing customers

Leads captured from other sources and lead generation efforts can be targeted in Facebook through Facebook’s Custom Audiences feature. People who are already your customers can also be targeted for up-selling and cross-selling.


Sharing what happens inside business

Behind-the-scene information with photos / short clips / videos / series / pump human factor into your business and adds a special touch to the post. The transparency serves as an excellent connection point with audience making them appreciate our efforts. It also imbibes a trust factor in the minds of customers.



Selfies do wonders even for business sites. A well-posted selfie can be a very good marketing strategy as it humanizes the brand and enhances the brand value. Posting original images will make your page unique and special. Production line, business management meetings, packaging areas, infrastructure facilities can be showcased and highlighted in well thought-out selfies. They can be a step up and a unique identification in facebook clutter of posts.


Random Thoughts

Random posts other than business related posts and trending topics can be shared to touch base with the viewers.Posting pics that went viral, quotes, memes, funny pics and more provide engaging content to the audience.  Such random thoughts do not have demographic restrictions too.


Interactive teaming up

Asking customer opinions on a new logo design, enhanced product features boosts engagement and elevates their opinion on you for participative posts.


Posting Videos

Stats say that there are over 8 billion videos watched daily on Facebook. Creative videos on behind the scenes at factory / office, team videos, how to use the product, DIY videos, team outing videos can be very entertaining for the customers and can get maximum number of likes and shares too. Videos have to be short, enticing and entertaining to the audience.


Colorful posts

Colorful images, images that uphold brand identity, great logos help people easily recognize posts and the page too. Brand recognition is a huge boost in Facebook marketing. Maintaining a specific theme and color helps brand recall and recognition.


Use of Emojis

Studies on Facebook marketing have found that ads with emojis get far higher click-through-rates than ads without emojis. According to research figures, 92% of online users use emojis. Facebook users and statistics feel emojis express feelings more accurately than words. Use of emojis in Facebook marketing posts add personality and emotion to the otherwise bland text.


Posting about followers and customers

Posting about your customers and followers and regularly rewarding them with prizes is a good brand building exercise that imparts credibility and trust with customers.  Potential customers will purchase from you and customers will be more loyal to your business when they are rewarded in social media.